Electra 2.0 Neo & Maxwind

Tenax International, Italy is the largest supplier of 100% Electric Sweepers and Washers in Medium Range in the world since inception in 2003 has joined hands with Vectra Advanced Engineering Pvt. Limited (VAEPL) for sales and service of Tenax Products in India and South East Asia Region.

Tenax International is the manufacturer of completely environment friendly and Zero Emission equipments in our State of the art 50kw Photo voltaic plant in Motor Valley of Italy near Venice. Our mission the “e” Philosophy enables us to offer concrete and effective zero - emission cleaning solutions that improves the quality of Life of users and citizens without compromising in terms of efficiency and economy.

The secret of our road sweepers and street washers is true 100% electric technology. As a matter of fact, all our machines have been designed to be completely electric, and thus offer greater energy efficiency due essentially to the lack of hydraulic circuits and a very low overall mass.

All products in the Tenax range have been designed from the ground up to be 100% electric. This means that the technologies chosen, in terms of their weights, dimensions, power draw and layout, have been designed for one product only, and exclusively for electric operation.

For this reason, and unlike an electrified product, they can significantly exceed ten hours of constant, continuous operation, with a huge range of available battery packs able to perfectly adapt to any technical or cost requirement the customer may have, as well as offering extraordinary advantages in terms of noise levels and emissions. All this without any limits on operation and while providing extraordinary savings in terms of running and fuel costs, allowing a confirmed return on investment.


Urban & Metropolitan:
The Tenax range of sweepers offers a complete solution to clean and maintain urban and metropolitan areas. Electra 2.0, Electra 1.0 and MaxWind ensure cleaning with ZERO environmental impact. They are dustless and noiseless in city centres, pedestrian areas, parks and gardens and in all the other unsuitable contexts for traditional, bulky, noisy and polluting machines, even at night. Top class performance, loading capacity and manoeuvrability made CleanAir 5.0 the most functional answer to sweeping needs in the urban environment, large metropolitan spaces where power and speed are essential requirements to ensure an efficient, profitable service.


Commercial and tourist:

Electra 1.0 and MaxWind are the most innovative, high performance partner to manage sweeping in commercial and tourist areas. The all-electric Tenax sweeper range ensures cleaning quality with significantly reduced sweeping time in wide, outdoor areas, e.g. shopping centers, hospitals, car parks, pedestrian areas. It will provide highly efficient, low cost management for resorts, golf clubs, sport centers and tourist complexes.


Indoor and industrial:

The Tenax sweeper range is the most efficient answer for indoor and outdoor industrial areas and logistic platforms. Thanks to the great suction ability and loading capacity of the Electra, CleanAir and MaxWind range, cleaning warehouses, car parks and loading areas will no longer be a problem. Furthermore, fully electric, emission-free traction and sweeping make Tenax sweepers the ideal tool for indoor work.



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